Illustrator CS5 edit grouped objects


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Can anyone clarify if I'm trying to do something Illustrator cannot do!...

I have a photo that I live trace

I opt for 4 colours, change the settings until it's almost as I want it - Trace and then Expand
I now want to alter the vector objects where 2 colours meet - it's all on one layer.

When I move the node on Object 2 using the Direct Selection Tool it creates a hole e.g. does not move Object 1 even though I have Grouped (many times!)

Any clarification on whether this can be done, or directions for how I should do this would be great!

The issue you have is that the direct selection tool is just that, so will only influence the object selected regardless of grouping (if that makes sense?). I'm assuming that the general selection tool is selecting the entire image which is more than you want to move?

A solution would be to use the direct selection tool and select both objects whilst holding the shift key (I'm assuming you're on a mac?). This will allow you to move both objects together but will move the entire objects rather than just a section of them!

If it's just a small section of the path that you're attempting to move/reshape, set the fill colour of one of the objects to 'no fill' (that's the red diagonal line), zoom in and from the no fill object drag over the area your trying to move (including the 2nd object) this will directly select the points you want to move on both objects. (its important to have at least one object set to no fill for this otherwise the direct select tool will grab the fill and move the entire object).

Hope that helps.
Nice one! Thanks for that bigdave, your last paragraph is what I wanted to do - a bit cumbersome for Illustrator when a vector mapping software I taught people to use for many years allowed you to snap nodes on two objects together - a feature request for Adobe perhaps!!

Appreciate your quick reply