Illustrator CS2 saving problems


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Hey there,

I've been working on an A4 flyer last few days, but today when I opened it it hadn't saved my most recent changes. Thought it was me being silly so redid work and re saved. Opened file again and same problem, latest changes not saved. This applied to text content, images and layout. Any ideas what the problem is?

Many thanks in advance.


Never experienced that problem before, does it happen when working on smaller files eg, try it on a small 72dpi image and see if it happens again, if so, then the only thing I can suggest is to un-install and then re-install Photoshop just incase something has corrupted somewhere.

Alternatively if it is o.k with low resolution images then it could be a memory issue of some sort, how much memory does your PC have? Try increasing the memory scratch disk settings and see if that helps:


Hope that helps.

EDIT: Just realised you put Illustrator :icon_Wall:
Sorry, I am sure one of the Illustrator experts will be along shortly, I don't actually use it so cannot help.

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Cheers Boss Hogg,

No error messages and does it with save command, not save as or anything. It's a large file but im working on a brand new top spec Dell with bells and whistles so don't think it's a computer spec problem. I've been working on two files concurrently and the others been fine.

Just had a little play, noticed it had been saving as pdf, even though still an .ai file. Created a couple of copies saved as .ai and no problems. Original file saved changes when I changed it to saving as .ai as supposed to pdf. Now when I save and close it prompts me to save changes, I ok it then close again and it still prompts to save changes?

Think it may be a corrupt file or something, any help welcome.


Think it might be a permissions thing. Just started here and this is my best guess:

Was working on someone elses computer to start with in photoshop and illustrator, got my new computer and was logged in under spare admin, got my account set up and started using that. That's when the problems started. Think I mustn't have permission to change these files, probably won't persist being a problem now as I'll be creating files on my own computer with my own user profile.


Just been moved to a higher permissions group and all is well with the world now.

Thanks for your help, will stick about as will no doubt have further questions in the future.