Illustration Work, Feedback Needed

Hi there,
so this is my first time on here and where better to start than posting up some of my work.

I am currently near the end of my Final Major Project in my Graphic Design HND and I am after some non-bias feedback from other designs and where better than here!.

Here's the main section of my brief without all the boring bits I had to put in.

The Brief

In this brief for your final major project you will be focusing on the company WWF, a highly reconcilable charitable company that is a preventative organization for the protection of endangered animals and environmentally issues.

You have been set the task to create between 2 and 5 design pieces using illustration as the main form of visual communication; the designs can be no bigger than A1 but can be any format. The pieces must feature the same style through-out as part of a set, this can be 100% your own choice how you go about this, the illustrations can be computer designed or psychical illustration’s dependent on your chosen style.

The theme of your design work can be anything that WWF deals with, animal endangerment, environmental issues and sponsorship; the pieces are being design to be sold at charity to raise funds for WWF for your chosen issue/ message. The design must feature the WWF logo somewhere, in some form; this is the only feature that must be used.

Think very carefully about the message you are trying to portray in your design work, current and previous WWF advertising have a powerful message for each advert, this is something that you will need to think about for your own designs, this message/theme will determine the whole design of the pieces. This message can be subtle or bold, this is your choice on how you go about this, research will be key to successful pieces, but remember they are for sale so the visuals in your illustrations must be appealing to your target audience.


Better Images of the Illustrations:



Sorry about the image quality it was so hard to try and take a decent picture, haven't got my DLSR with me at the moment.

After feedback for my course so any would be really appreciated. :icon_smile:
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"The design must feature the WWF logo somewhere, in some form; this is the only feature that must be used."

Don't seem to see this in either of these, unless you count the bit you've added outside the work at the bottom of the photo?

I like the illustrations - the Tiger one is the better of the two, I must say. I'm curious to why you picked a butterfly (maybe a moth)? They're not as obvious as an endangered species. The projected audience (even if not a real one) would probably do better identifying with a better known endangered animal. Doesn't stop it being pretty though, but the Tiger is much more... striking. I think it's the black - the black is all broken up in the butterfly, but not as much with the Tiger.

Unsure of what you've used as the texture? I think, with the illustrations, you'd come off better with a more stylised texture - something natural. Tree bark? Rough rock?

The more I look at it, the more I love the tiger, but the butterfly/moth isn't there for me. It's good, but the tiger is very good.