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Wasn't sure whether to post this in the Web design section or here... anyway, I design Myspace layouts for bands, and I'm slowly starting to get bigger clients, but my problem is my latest client has asked for some animation/video work to be done which will need to be done in Flash. I normally just do the coding and images and I don't think they realise the extra amount of work thats needed, but I don't want to dismiss their request straight off the bat.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it's easy to create a short looping video in Flash, with a sound muting button, and the video surrounded by a "frame" so that it looks as if the looping video is part of the whole design and not just a simple video player embedded on the page.

Also if anyone knows any good tutorial sites that would be a big help! (I'm actively searching myself, but would be great if someone gave me a head start!)
This is easier than you may think

if i understand you correctly tou want to skin a video and play it from a flash swf file.
If this is the case, draw the design to go around the video so it fits in as described in your message. Import this in to flash. Now go to import media.
Select the video file and the play / skin function you require.
click done.
a message will appear that the video has been converted and to extra files have been generated. one of these extra files is the skin and the other is a bit of java script. upload the whole lot and insert as usual.

If the flash skin play controls don't appear you may have to go back in to flash and write static links. Click to select the video in flash and examine the 'component inspector' under the windows tab. Check where the browser has been told to look for the skin file.

I hope that this is of help I have done it from memory.

Cheers for the help Gavin!
I'm a complete novice when it comes to flash, but I've always wanted to learn more. Your advice was great thanks!
I've been playing around with flash for the past few nights now, learning a bit about action script 3 and whatnot.. Interesting stuff!

Thanks again

Glad to hear that the advise was of help to you. It's always best to learn through play. Action script 3 is a bit harder to get your head around but it is more capable and of more value to know.

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Flash Components - ActiveDen

This is a great resource for flash files, for people who don't know anything about flash and have some basic web design knowledge.
They are great for learning as you can edit them yourself, and some of them come with very helpful instructions
When I was learning this was an invaluable tool.