I am new to graphic design


Hi Adidesigner,
Welcome to this forum and all the best to your bright future in designing work. There are many platforms where you can showcase your designing work. Like Instagram, Facebook, Behance etc.


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Hi! welcome to this forum, you can upload your work and ask for a critic. There are many professionals over here who would rate and comment on your work and would also give you some suggestion to make your work better. You can find the critic forum and post your work over there.


The designs you choose to work on and showcase can be anything here in this site (make sure the topic first). It's understandable if you do feel qualified to judge people's comment for your designs yet. Welcome to the forum!


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Hey welcome to the forum! I am also new to this forum, just wanting to network with some fellow designers and find out some great tips and tricks! I use Adobe Portfolio to showcase my work which doesn't cost anything if you are paying for a Creative Cloud subscription. Also as people have mentioned, social media such as Facebook and Instagram is great as well as Behance and Dribbble. Good luck with your designing!