Hum3D Car Render Challenge 2022


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Hello everyone! We are starting our 9th Car Render Challenge:

The 9th annual Hum3D competition for the best Car render is the largest awards event for the car 3d modeling and visualization industry.

We will pay attention to the visual component of all works, but this is not all you need to win. The idea of the work is also very important for jury, as well as its presentation, complicacy (both of the model and of the scene) and quality of performance.

The contest is supported by the best companies of the 3D world, and so the prizes for the first places look amazing. Also, everyone has an opportunity to receive the additional prizes.

Share your art and chat with other artists - we are sure that creative and friendly atmosphere of the competition will help the growth of each participant.
I'll allow the post but I really wouldn't recommend anyone entering unless you've already got something you haven't shown elsewhere laying around....

You need to produce a 3D vehicle and the environment (ie no merging into a photo), essentially from scratch, and 1st prize is probably worth around £4000 at a push (a lot less if you're a freelancer and qualify for reduced prices)... most of the prizes are 1 year subscriptions (I'll skip my rant on subscription software)...

If you've got the skills to win this then you've probably got the skills to charge decent money for your work but if you want to enter good luck.