How we drew Lil skies with a pen tool (speedart) Enjoy!


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Learn how to cartoon yourself in adobe Photoshop in this tutorial Video just with a click on a Mouse. <LINK REMOVED>

how to cartoon yourself in adobe photoshop - lil skies speedart.png
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You can post videos here using the Insert>Media option

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 10.54.55.png

I removed the link because the URL was shortened and couldn't see where it linked to - who knows where that link would bring you???

Anyway - post images and videos directly to the forum please.


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Frightened to click this link.
Ah time to pass on some of my advanced internet savvy..... that site (I think there are some browser plugins that do the same) decodes links like without needing to go there and actually look at the site :)