How to make such effects in Adobe?



Hi guys, I have got 2 questions, both of them how to do something like these?
I'm posting 2 images. face counter blending... is there any chance of doings something like that using blending mode in illustartor? or how? textured image with dots, I guess that has to be done in photoshop with filter>half tone mode, but somehow i cant get the same kind of a results.

please help.

Not sure about the first one, Maybe it you used several layers and rotated each one using the 3D tool you'd get something similar, though it looks to me like it's actually been made my hand from paper.

The second one is easy enough.

With your black and white image go to Filters > Sketch Halftone pattern and play around with the size/contrast until you get what you're looking for. Duplicate this layer twice. Select one and use Image > Adjustments > Gradient Map and set the colours to be red and white. Do the same for the other duplicate layer but make it blue instead of red.

Then set the blending mode of each layer to be Multiply and move the red one slightly to the left and the blue one slightly upwards. That should give you a similar effect, though you'll need to play around a bit.
Hi Paul Murray,

Thank you for your post... it was very helpful, I have made some experiments, however my client did not liked it and asked me to do something like this.. please see attached image.
Do you have any idea how to get this kind of a sketchy image?

Thank you