How to get clients for logo design?


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I'm working as a graphic designer in a company in my own city. I decided that i should join the freelancers community and i created my profils on zombo and zombo but i don't get any clients.
Can anyone give me an idea about how to get clients for graphic design knowing that i do a really great job in the company?
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Welcome. This is a professional design forum so we don't allow links or mentions to crowdsourcing sites. As such the names are removed .

Your experience is exactly why we don't allow it .

Get clients by putting together proposals. And contact companies directly.

Put together a presentation of your services and include their logo and things like that in it.

You will have to customize the presentation per company. But should be quick.


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My suggestion would be to join relevant groups on fb or other platforms where ppl post their needs in graphic designing niche (u can find by searching) and start interacting in those groups. Better to join a community of Graphics/ Digital company. Till then, keep practicing through internships/ voluntier work. Rest depends on your experience.