How to ensure that i am not copying others design?


We all here in this graphic design industry know a term called as reference and we often use it when creating a art,just to make it correct or to take a inspiration for it.And we all come across lots of references and we see lots of images,designs that we record on our brains and as human behaviour we sometimes can make the same designs for a client of ours without knowing it.

I am a graphic designer and have been come across this situation lot of the times and i know that many of you must also have came across it too.
So how do you tackle this situation?Or just leave like that:p:p;);););)


Staff member
Honestly I'd give up trying to make sure you don't copy ANYONE, the best you can do is your due diligence and try to ensure you're not using something someone else has done.

No matter how hard you try someone will have come up with something close to if not identical to your design, some may have rejected the design in favour of others, some may have taken it further and there's nothing to say that a design you come up with isn't being used without an online presence (it's rare in 2018 I know)