How to drive traffic to my Graphic Design related website?

Great list Boss, Design Bump and Design Float are good and ones I currently use, will check out the rest.
Great resource for any designer wanting to promote their site/blog etc.

I have issues with Design Bump, spent ages Saturday morning writing some posts and they just deleted them all as spam. They have NO guidelines as to what can and cannot be posted and seem to make their decision on a per post basis, NOT IMPRESSED! :icon_cursing:

Will try again when they lift the ban on the URL's I posted, this forum being one.
Well that sucks. They really should make it clear what their posting guidelines are.

Recently if I know I'm going to write a long post or a number of posts I tend to write it in MS Word or Notepad as sods law is the website crashes or doesn't post it properly and when you go back the text is gone.
That is shocking,:icon_mad: if that continues I'm sure that site will get a bad rep, the online world is very unforgiving, one problem like that and its really puts people off and word gets around, this post is evidence!