How to code a font?


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how to go from a font drawn in illustrator to an otf file ready to instal in your font catalogue?
Anyone done this before?

it's time to learn..


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If only it were that easy. First off, i would suggest not starting in illustrator. Use Fontlab, or Glyphs ( I use the latter), both to draw your glyphs and then to turn them in to a font, then a family. You have countless thankless hours ahead I’m afraid playing with sidebearings and kerning pairs. Look at glyphs. It’s a nice bit of software and cheaper than font lab.

good luck.


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I came across Fontself a couple of weeks ago. It seems quite impressive. However if you want to do it seriously, then I‘d still go with one of the bespoke creators. That said, my very first attempt was drawn in illustrator, then I used type tool to put it together.

This is a list of font software from people who really know what they are talking about. Some of their fonts are seriously beautiful. Worth investigating to see how it’s done. I am just a bit saddened that they sold out to Monotype recently.