How much to charge - web app!


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How Much Should I Charge? - nuSchool

Someone pointed me at this earlier - and I did a few tests on it - seems reasonable enough.

What do others think about something like this?

Obviously, it's only a starting point, and you should always have a contract before starting a job - and I always request 50% upfront before commencing.

List of sample contracts here
The Collective Legal Guide For Designers (Contract Samples) | Smashing Magazine

More here
AIGA | AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services


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This confirms what I thought... my hourly rate x the number of hours, doesn't = what I get paid.


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Wow, I am thoroughly impressed. This is the best thing I have seen in the while. I did a test and it was pretty much bang on, the only difference is I usually round up fees to the nearly multiple of 5. I would say the app is too precise! It is incredible.

Hank, I had to give you a 'Thanks' and a 'Like' as just one or the other wasn't enough for this find!


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Why choose? Send me your account details and your favourite cake. Will Jack Daniels suffice?


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Lol Damn it, you got me. I take it you don't like the 'Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey.' (I was going for something cheap haha).