How much to charge for a booklet design?


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I've been doing freelance graphic design for 8 years, but pricing is the one thing that I still feel unsure of, so looking for some feedback. My client would like a 12 page booklet designed, its 5.5 x 8.5 spiral bound (I will not be doing the printing). I will do one initial draft, followed by two revisions (they dont usually have a huge amount of revisions). The design is pretty standard, each page will have text they supply, as well as stock photos they pay for separately. I didnt design this, but they would like something along this style but in a booklet:

So, I'm asking for input, because I often bid too low, then end up regretting doing so. $50 a page for $600 seems a little low, though $100 a page seems a little high at $1200. Ive also never done a booklet before, though have done many brochures. So, thank you for your time and any feedback!
Hi there,

Its a long time since I did any freelance design work, however here's a cheeky tip for you. Back in the olden days, if I was in a situation like yours and I wasn't sure what a sensible rate was I'd ring some local companies and ask for a quote for a similar, imaginary project. If you do the same to two or three local companies then odds are you'll get a feel for what the going rate is, and you can decide undercut it if you feel that way inclined.

Of course, if you pull that stunt too often then people will start to recognise your voice and get &^%$ed off with you, but once or twice should be okay!

The other way to look at it is that the work is worth whatever the client is willing to pay for it!