How many sets of amends do you do before its a new design?

How many amends do you make before you consider it a new job?

  • 0: They had better like what I send them

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  • 7-9: It's a pain but it makes my clients like me

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Title say's it all.

Do you have a cut off point about how many amends you will do
before asking the client for more money or do you accept is as part
of being a designer?
For me, it depends on the client.

If its a new client I state in my quote/proposal how many amendments they will get on a design before I start to charge my hourly rate.

If it is a long standing client I'm a lot more flexible.

It is a difficult one though, becuase changing a type face is different to having to change the whole nature of a background image. Again, I'm pretty flexible depending on the task asked of me, but I will inform the client if this is to take up one of their allotted changes or not.

I totally missed the poll part of this thread and only saw it after I'd typed my response. I went for 1-3 changes before charging.
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If its a tiny little job like pasting in a new paragraph or amending some contact details I'll do it as part of my 'customer service' But if it goes into reworking navigation or something more time consuming I'd consider it an extra job. Like everyone else is saying though, clients I have a more established relationship with get a more informal approach.
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Unless its a package which states how many revisions, we work on a design until they are happy...usually its just a few changes anyway...