How is the recession affecting everyone?


I'm a student entrepreneur, and am currently on a business development programme. I've met a lot of new people over the past month and I was really surprised and pleased to see how many people out there are doing well with their businesses, especially startups!

Personally I'm ticking along quite nicely at the moment without having to do too much to get work, so I'm planning to push forward with a few things over the summer to see just how far I can take my business.

Just wondering how the current climate is affecting everyone else? Has your workload changed much? Any difference in the type of clients you are getting, or the work they are undertaking?

A well earned break for a bit before getting back on the treadmill. give me a chance to catch up on stuff work gets in the way of.
I'll try but I fear I'm already penned in for changing the skirting boards and redecorating the living room!:icon_scared:

Might be easier to go straight back into work.
haha well it is bank holiday, thats standard procedure if you're not having a few days away?

get out the paint and powertools mister! :icon_tongue_smilie:
I'm the busiest I've ever been (so far) so the recession isn't impacting on me at the moment, fingers crossed.

Its a huge shame though to see some business's going under, with 3 local printers going under in the last 18 months round my way. Lets hope this downturn doesn't last too much longer.
All good here. We're up 14% first Jan - Apr vs Jan - Apr. Fingers crossed it continues.

Excellent to hear Dot Design doing well. Deserved.

Little Impact

Very little impact for me, I had a bit of impact a year ago but since then I've been just as busy as usual.

I have to say I am scratching my head as to what to do to get new business as I've only just started freelancing.

I was made redundant in February this year as a creative director of a large firm in Milton Keynes. I've tried sending letters and some networking but they don't seem to be working. I hate to have to do it, but does anyone get any success from cold calling?

How do you guys secure new business, what works the best for you?
Sorry to hear that, I'd contact all of your local business networking groups and go along to all of their initial FREE visits, most of them have free visits in order for you to test the water. There are probably 5-6 business networking groups in your area and they probably have 20 people meeting at a time so that over 100 people that you can face to face show your work and examples what you do for FREE. Them maybe join one. You have good work and business are always going to need design, fact possibly even more at the moment

I steer clear of cold calling for starters I'm no good at it and also I feel very uncomfortable doing it, but each to their own!
Gareth is spot on to be honest.

Establishing and growing a customer base takes a long time, I am in year 3 of business and only now can I really say that I have a customer base that keeps me ticking over each month.

Go to networking meetings local to you (Chamber of Commerce, 4 Networking), network online, offer advice to people where you can, help people out if you can, place an ad in your local paper, get a FREE text listing in Thomson/Yellow Pages, if you drive a nice motor maybe have some kind of graphic in the back window (static cling is excellent for this), look at doing a link exchange with other similar businesses....all these things get your name out there.

Just ensure when you get a customer that you do a fantastic job and look after them, they will always come back to you in the future and will always recommend you to others, which is key to growing your business.

Cold calling for me would be a last resort after every other avenue had been explored.
Keep at the marketing. Do something every day. Little and often.
Once people get to know your face, results will happen.

Some great advice from Dot Design and Boss H.
Great tips, thanks guys. I'm looking at going to some free 4networking meetings this month, has anyone been to these particular one and what are your thoughts?
I'd certainly recommend 4Networking Jason, it seems you have found the online forum already. Go along and see how you get on, they are a friendly bunch!
So I started this thread back in April, and business is still going strong.....looking back I'd say most of my business comes from recommendations now.

I do worry that the bubble may burst at any time and I'll have no work, and I guess I should really start promoting myself a little but am so busy with work that I haven't even had time to finish my website!

It was very scary making the jump to full time self employment, I'm hoping that will get better as time goes on!!