How has this been done?


I found this website earlier today and I am really intrigued by how it has been done. Can anyone tell me as I am pretty new to the web game (I specialise in print mainly) and would really like to have a go at creating something similar for a client. I did think maybe its flash based but I am not sure?

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Sorry if this breaks any forum rule about posting?
Looking at the code, it seems to be mainly Javascript, could be wrong though.

Seems to use some form of on mouseover to me, or at least for some of the effects that could be used. No idea on the sliding across part though, which is obviously the main part of the site! Could be technical javascript.
Thanks Boss! Thats it! Just got to figure out how to do it now! I really love the way it works and it is ideal for a new client that has approached me. Thank you
Interesting way to build a site. It doesn't work at all in Opera though, none of the links are clickable.

I wonder what effect it has on SEO with the whole site only being one page.
Surely as it is only one page you would be getting the most out of the SEO? Thus would have a good effect in Google? I am no programmer but it would be interesting to know if it does have an effect?
A difficulty for google is that from the perspective of its indexing spider, everything is on one page, but from the perspective of a human, there are several "pages". So when someone queries google with a search term for which your site is a candidate hit, google has no way to send that user directly to the appropriate "page" - they will normally just land on the front page, even if the relevant content is on some other "page". It's not impossible to work around, but probably tricky. I'm sure google prefers sites where the search term relevance is immediately obvious, otherwise the credibility of their index suffers.
I actually think this would be bad for SEO, how can you make the title tag and description tag relevant to the page content, when the page content is basically 5 or so different pages with different themes rolled into one.

It's a nice effect but I would only use it as part of my main website, to show a portfolio of work or similar.
Exactly. Great as a slideshow for photos or other portfolio work, or as a kind of multi-step input form. Trickier for textual content.
I find Firebug more useful than Web Developer although I still use stuff like the ruler.

Firebug is invaluable for troubleshooting styles and saves tons of time when you are working out a design. I haven't really used it for anything other than HTML and CSS but it is a full DOM inspector and you can use it to debug javascript as well.
firebug vs webdeveloper

I has both firebug and webdeveloper installed, but I use firebug a lot more. Webdeveloper has some very handy quickly-accessible features, like disable cache and "outline current element" which are great when you can't figure out why stuff isn't working. But firebug is the power tool: you have more information to figure out how a layout is working, and ability to edit your document's styles in-place, one of those "how did I live without that" features.