How does one ensure quality design for multiple types of merchandise?


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I am a small artist who has been asked to make an album cover. I am planning to do a collage in Photoshop, but I am not very experienced, especially when it comes to maintaining quality and resolutions for printing.
How can I make sure that my client can use the artwork for multiple types of merchandise, not only the album cover itself? My research has told me that i need 3000 px x 3000 px (300 ppi) for a standard album cover, but that will leave quite a small image. Will the client be able to use it, for example, to make big posters/prints on hoodies?
And if I am making a collage, and using images from the internet, how can I ensure that they stay the same quality in printing? I have learned that I should use smart objects when I am working to maintain resolution, but is there more I should be thinking about? what resolution should the images I download be?
I wanted to get all this straight before I started, I appreciate any help i can get,
Thank you


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Typically you design in vectors, and resolution won't matter.

But if using Photoshop.

3000 pixels at 300 ppi would be 10 inches by 10 inches.


An a4 sheet is 210x297.

So you'll for on an a4.
Which would fit a t-shirt.

And for posters , a2 and a3 size you won't need 300 ppi

All in all it should be good