How do you start a graphic design project???


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How do people start a graphic design project?

If a brief came in from a client for a brochure for example how would you start the creative process?

I normally do research and a bit of brainstorming.

How do others do it please?
Do you just dive in or do you think about and plan as much as possible?


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Planning is your best friend... always!

In the example given, we would always start with a consultation to fully understand what the client is trying to achieve.
We would then go away, do some research and put together a moodboard which is presented to the client to get a rough idea for style/tone/texture etc.
Quite often there would be certain restrictions due to pre-existing brand guidelines, but all is taken into consideration.
We then work with the client to put together a plan/map of what content is going to appear on each page and a rough word count.
The next stage would be to design the front cover, skeleton table of contents and 1 x double page spread. Once approved we are then ready to get into the meat of the work.


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Where I have worked or work we have never used mood boards.
The marketing team gave us brief sheets with what images and text to put on which page.


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Surely any project begins with the content. And the design brief.

How can you design anything without knowing what they want including along with any logos and imagery.


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I get this all the time.

How much to design a 4 page brouchure?

When I ask what's involved I get the death stare!

So I just explain if it's just plain text it is 30 minutes. If it's 4 pages of infographics with intricate details and lots of illustrations, then it can take 2 hours a page, so it would be 8 hours.

Then I get a death stare again.