How do you relax?


Phew! just had a particularly heavy session coding a website (I have a PHP related headache) I'm off to crack open a bottle and watch a film (Scary movie 4 is on..:icon_biggrin: )

What do you all do to kick back and relax?


Few bottles of beer or jack daniels and coke if I have any, bit of music, watch some films or tv shows. Wish I had Sky 1 for new series of 24. Just have to wait till DVD comes out.


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Used to play football. Due to many different injuries over the last 12 months I've only really managed about a month injury free. Contemplating going to play today, but don't want to rush it back.

Other then that, I love listening to music. I sometimes play PES09 online with a mate of mine, quite a good laugh with headsets.
Cooking, Reading, Writing, Painting.

All help me unwind - but I suppose i'm a bit of a Keith Floyd - I need a nice BIG glass of red wine to properly relax (6)