How do you get the best from Google Analytics?


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I've added google analytics to my site in a bid to see who's visiting and how they visit (eg, direct visit, redirected from a link etc..). I just don't know how to get the best from it. At the moment its showing a high bounce rate (60-70%) and a low average time spent on the site. Could this be because I've only added the required code to the home page and so it's detecting visitors moving into other pages of the site as a visitor leaving/bouncing?
Put it in every page you want to track. At least then you know if people are visiting the other pages and which ones!
Also look at setting up goals, especially if you have a contact form with a redirect to a 'thank you' page or if you set up a new offer with a 'call to action'. Goals will help you to track visitors.

Also, don't make knee jerk reactions to Analytics. I'd say get at least a month's worth of data under your belt before you go changing stuff.
I have found the site overlay very useful as I can track how most visitors move through my website and I can change things accordingly and try to steer people to products or contact pages so I can get their details for a sale
Don't be to alarmed by the bounce rate initially. Get the code in all the pages as mentioned by KateDesign. Also give it some time, couple of months to have a good bulk of data. That way you can start to work out the trends.

Once you have this. I'd suggest looking into setting up custom reports as then you can tailor exactly what is right for your site. They are very easy to set up and will filter only what you need. It's not the best product on the market but to start with it provides everything you need.