How do I quote from someone's post?

Ram P. Mony

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Hi everybody,

I noticed that when folks around here quote from someone's message, the quoted part is shown in an enclosed box.

I'm new around here and have yet to figure out the button to quote from someone's post. Could you please help me out?

Much obliged


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the quoted part is shown in an enclosed box.
You highlight the text you wish to quote and a little "reply" button pops up.
Hit that and it gets placed into your post.
(For me, I sometimes have to do it twice for some reason)

To quote the whole post there is a small "reply" thing in blue at the bottom right of their post, next to like.


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You can print it out - highlight it with a highlighter - scan it - then post the image
print it...really....we're designers so it should all be done by hand, using old school pen and stencils or even letterpress, then scanned back in and linked to the image


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Don't forget to add footnotes after the quote...

(I'll get my coat)
...and translate to Japanese:



(I'll get my quote) ;)