How do I go about doing this?

Yes thanks...

The guy who does our posters is a graphic designer. But doesn't know exactly how to achieve this look without a lot of trial and error. So if anyone out there knows how to create this look. Could you please let me know so I can pass on the information. I'd very much appreciate it.
Something like the 'Poster Edges' Photoshop filter combined with high contrast curves adjustments and overlaid on a grunge background would be the quickest way I imagine.
Personally I would use 'threshold' for quickness then 'select colour' and paste onto a grimace background, dose leave it a little ruff but is quick
After looking at the image briefly i would suggest to find a texture or scratched metal you the background to use as a blending layer

im not saying use this one put this is the idea what comes to mind :icon_wink:

Good Luck
I'm not saying by any means this is great, it literally took me 2minutes. Fair enough you have a graphic designer but personally I'm a little surprised they wouldn't know how to achieve this type of effect...

but as others have said, threshold, overlays, textures, layers ... I'm sure they could figure it quickly, if not you really do need a new designer.


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I had a bash at it - looked interesting! I made my pic grayscale, went to filter/extract and drew around the section I wanted, saved it and went to stamp in the filters section. I magic wanded the black, put a layer mask on it, then converted it back to CMYK and threw in a textured background - worked OK!

Bit convoluted - I apologise! Mx


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