How do I create this? (Colour over image 'new graphics design trend')

Daniella Shreir

New Member
I've seen this everywhere and was wondering how to recreate it. I have my image, I monochrome it and then I put a layer of bright blue over it and set it to lighten or screen. It creates a similar sort of effect but not exactly the same, and especially when I CMYK it it turns completely different- the blue turns much more grey and dark. Does anyone know how this can be achieved, especially in CMYK? Thanks!

CMYK blues are generally darker/duller/greyer unless you go for a high level of cyan. Or print them in spot colours.
Depends what programme you are doing this in. Personally, I would turn my monochrome images into tifs and then colour them in Indesign.
Yep, I'm using inDesign. Thank you for the advice. Do you have any suggestions about how this effect is created, though, or do you think it's just what i said (lighten/screen)? Thanks!
You can do it in Photoshop with a gradient map layer set to blue and white. This will basically turn all the dark tones blue, and the light tone white, with the midtones being somewhere between. This should give you the screen printed look that is used here. You can also just mess around with the Hue/Saturation settings to get a similar effect.