How did you find us?

How did you find us?

  • Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)

    Votes: 187 75.4%
  • Recommendation from a friend

    Votes: 14 5.6%
  • Direct contact from the Graphic Design Forums | Website Design Forums

    Votes: 6 2.4%
  • Another Forum/Online Advertisement

    Votes: 14 5.6%
  • Other (please specify below)

    Votes: 27 10.9%

  • Total voters

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
I think David Airey linked to you in one of his blog posts, and that's where I came across it.
Or, he linked to a link, that linked to you.

Blue Eye

New Member
I was introduced by a colleague. I'm hoping that I can share/get fresh ideas and learn something from you guys on the site. :)


New Member
How did I find you?

I googled UK Graphic Design Forums and found you. I am seeking inspiration for customer retention and finding new markets in the current climate! :icon_cheers:


Google and it's great one of the only forums where not everyone is completely mad : ) and everyone is really helpful too!