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Wondered if you may be able to clear something up for me.
I have been given an assignment for college and one of the criteria within the assignment is "Description of the house style" as the assignment is half about implementing a website and testing and the other half is the documentation.

All I need to know is what exactly is a description of a house style. From my knowledge I have understood it as being the description of the consistance of colours within the website. I have no information about this from college and there were various references to W3 standards and compliance within the code to various standards even though it says nothing about this relating back to the house style.

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What I understand a House style is something you follow through the project in this case a website. It could be anything from colour schemes, font's, font sizes etc etc. You could also have house styles for filenames etc so basically following a naming format through out ie:

about-us.php or AboutUs.php
contact-me.php or ContactMe.php

Do you follow?

Then you could always follow a house style within your markup. maybe indenting the markup in ways so see are user friendly. Commenting your css etc etc.

You might have seen websites where their markup is indented. This is for a reason so the designer or developer can see where to pick out code easily.

House style is not always about the front end of the website (fonts, link colours, branding, colour schemes), but about everything in the website project. If you have any specific questions post them up and Ill help the best I can.


Thanks for the reply,
I think I understand a bit better now.

So its not just colour schemes its file names and indentation within the code too?
Im just trying to gather a list to breakdown what I am supposed to be writing about.


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It can be absolutley anything to do with the site..u cud have a website markup house style..a design house style etc..A house style is something that you follow though out like a said in the previous post. A house style is normally Audience focused