Hospitality logo


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Is there any way or ideas that this logo I'm going to make, no elements like Pineapples, Hearts/with hands, people, luggage. Some symbols that generalizes hotel, tourism... all about what's in hospitality...

If there is, enlighten me with samples and explanations. Thank you!


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i am afraid your post doesn’t make much sense. I am assuming you are not a first-language English speaker? If I were to guess, I think you are asking how to design a logo for something to do with hospitality.

Firstly, that is nowhere near enough information to work with. To begin to design anything, you need specific information about the company. A full brief, etc, etc.

Secondly, logo design on it’s own is meaningless. It should always be part of a coherent brand. It is a bit like designing the badge on a car without considering the design of the car itself.

Thirdly, you need to design something, post it here and professional designers will critique your work. You cannot really expect people who feed their families by designing things for a living to do your work for you for free. To continue the car analogy, that would be like going to your local repair shop and asking them how to fix your car for free (and in your case, without actually telling them what the problem is). You can be pretty sure you won’t get very far and would likely be told to bring your car to them and they will use their experience and knowledge to fix it. In return, you give them some money, so they can feed their families.

Finally, I presume this is for some sort of crowd-source website or a competition. If so, in general, pro designers are not going to look kindly on that. Crowd-source websites are just a race to the bottom. Everyone loses.

Design something, post it here and someone may offer a critique. That’s the way this place works.