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hello guys :)

currently, i'm working on a redesign of my website here

since my career ambitions are based towards web design having just finished Uni, that has sort of prompted this really since it'll be an example if you will to my first employer

currently it's just a mockup in PS of the home page so far, just to see what works etc

I also have another image of the links hover state

I haven't been doing this very long really, having only a made a few personal sites the last couple of years, with a relatively popular site (which I gave up having lost enthusiasm) I

i'd like honest critizue of course, since I have a lot to learn when it comes to stylish design, though I recieved "Quite poor to be honest" on another forum which slightly downhearted me a bit, i've been browsing blogs which relate to stylish web design just to gain some knowledge with regards to learning

image 1: http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/7182/websitelayout.png
image 2: http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/3406/websitelayout2.png
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Keep at it!

What can I say. You are learning, your just starting out in web design and credit to you for trying.

Nobody is going to say "Wow this is amazing" because its not. Its what an amature would produce, but you will get there in the end my friend. I would suggest you get yourself Firefox and install the plugin Firebug. This will allow you to see how a particular website is built and how things are put together.
Its a very handy tool to have when you see something you like and think "How did they do that"

Keep going and take inspiration from what other people have done and try to replicate it in your own way. Don't be downhearted by what people say about your site. Just take it onboard and try to make it better.

All the best
Design is so subjective, especially what is considered 'good' design. With websites it is as much about function as form (if not more so). Even if a website looks awesome I will navigate away if I can't find everything I want in easy reach. That is why I sometimes find full flash sites a turn off. Just a personal observation.

Picking up on your taste I'd be looking at deviantART: where ART meets application! for inspiration. Type 'website designs' into the search box and enjoy the eye candy. Don't copy but borrow/develop/mashup what you like until you think you have hit on something good.

NB: as with everything you need to search through a bit as not all the designs on there are good but there is plenty to get stuck into.

As for your design I quite like it. Crits I would have are that you have used non-standard fonts for the menu. Fine with the right font but I'm not sure that is the right font for the site. The other thing I would say is that it is almost too dark in places. The dark blue of the gradient on PSP and the dark grey on DOSBOX are getting lost in the background. Bearing in mind I only have an image to go on! It could also 'pop' or jump out and grab a bit more. Not sure it is engaging enough yet.

Don't give up as I think that "Quite poor to be honest" is harsh. It just needs practice and refinement to get it right. Good luck :icon_biggrin:
thanks guys

i'm just browsing over many different examples at the minute, to get an idea for the style elements that all come together, never realized DA was useful in that way :icon_tongue_smilie:, so i'll take a gander at that

@Corrosive... I see what you saying about the contrast issues, i'll take a look and ajust the colours slightly, see if that makes a difference

as the for menu, I figured I could make a slight exception when it came to the font, as long as the majority of text was of a standard font so as to be compatible with the end user, i'll see what another one looks like however

when you talk about the logo popping/jumping out, are you talking about a non static logo or just referring to the general contrast with regards to grabbing your attention

i'll post back a screenie, probably tomorrow sometime
Yep, that's already looking better for me :) When I said 'pop' I certainly didn't mean to animate it, just get it to stand out from the background. Animations are for banners and adverts ;)

Good work. Let us know when it is all coded up.
Yep it looks much better than the first one you posted...just keep trying and good luck.

You should see my attempts at web design! :icon_lol:
hello guys

here's the hompage

i'll update when I have the other pages worked out

Hi, your code doesn't look too bad if this is your first time coding, a few things however remember to use your h1-h6 and p tags, also take a look at CSS Sprites so then you need to use the javascript, it's a lot more efficient.