HKS Spot Colour Fan-Wanted


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Hi Guys--

Just joined up because I need some help; so first of all I'd like to say hi! My name's Matt Burvill, my work can be seen at

I wondered if anyone has used HKS K spot colours before?

You see I am re-branding my website and stationery etc with some new colours, and I have managed to get a great deal on some posters printed in the HKS colour system; so I will want to make sure everything else I print is a similar colour to the spot's I will use in the posters.

The problem is, I don't have a HKS K colour fan, being used to pantones, so first of all does anyone have a colour fan/swatch book that they could sell to me? Or maybe you have one but don't wish to sell- would you be willing to send me a swatch of the colour 89K for my reference, which I can return soon after? Or perhaps colour match a CMYK print to the swatch so I can get an idea what it will look like in print?

No one likes to rely on their screens for this kind of thing, least of all, me, so any help/advice will be most appreicated.

When the job is done, I will have a bunch of lovely typographic posters to send out to the ones that help me, so if you can help, please get in touch.

Thanks in advance,

Matt [BURVO]