Highlighting/Background colour. InDesign CS5.5


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I am trying to produce a diary with InDesign CS5.5 and all I want to do is add a background colour/highlight all the titles. Please can someone out there tell me how to do it in straightforward language. THANK YOU!
Draw a box using the rectangle tool. select your fill colour from the swatches pallet. If the colour you want isnt there right mouse click will give you a drop down menu which includes 'New Colour Swatch'. Once youve decided on the colour and adjusted the tint level (thats at the top of the swatches pallet), you can send the box to the back of the document (so the rest of the content appears overlaid) by selecting the box and then going to Object > Arrange > Send to Back. You can also bring it backwards and forwards a step at a time from here.
aaaaahhhhh!... Sorry, I assumed by background colour the OP meant a larger area of colour?! If its just the text that wants highlighting then gprovan's method is much better than my suggestion.