Hello and welcome. Can't help you much with navigating.....blind leading the blind and all that. But I'm sure the gaffer will be able to help you.

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Hi Trevor

Welcome to the Graphic Design Forums :icon_smile:

To use the forum effectively I presume you mean get business from it?

My tips would be...
1) Have a link to your business website in your signature.
2) Post new threads that will generate discussion.
3) Answer other members questions and help out if/when you can.
4) Keep an eye on the following section should any requests arise: Tenders & Services
5) Add your business to the following section so people can find you: Business Directory
Sure there are many more tips, however, those are my top 5. I think most of us use the forum as a place to chill, make friends, help others and to learn, any business that comes from it is just a bonus.

Good to have you on board, get stuck in :icon_biggrin: