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Hi everyone,

Just signed up to this site after enjoying browsing through some of the topics.

I'm just starting out in graphic design and web design and would appreciate any advice you would like to offer. I've completed one full website (with a freind) at www.faireyband.com for the band that i play in.

I've got a bit of spare time at the moment so i have started to design a site where i can have my portfolio (once i have designs to put in it). Currently there isn't much use for it as i haven't really got enough to show off, but it's something for me to work on. I am also working on a personal website for myself as i am a qualified musician but have a strong passion for design work and would like to do a bit of both.

I have a couple of questions as i venture into the world of graphic/web design:

What is the best way to build up my portfolio as getting jobs with no experience is quite tough?
I feel i have lots of ideas but no projects to put them into??

I look forward to your words of wisdom