Hi, my first post..


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Hi everyone,

Thought I'd put up a quick post to introduce myself. My names Tom and I'm from West Sussex, been using photoshop since the age of 13 as a hobby, mainly designing website layouts and silly little designs or fun.

Then got a job for a music retailer helping out with their Marketing at the age of 16/17. After leaving college I was offered the full time role at the company as Marketing Administrator, now a few years on I'm running the Marketing department alone.

This involves multiple 8-page A4 Flyers, 100-page Catalogues and A5 Flyers a year. As well as Magazine adverts, seperate Brochures, Email marketing and the design and management of the E-Commerce site.

Love what I'm currently doing, but feel I need stretch myself further and work on my design skills more. Looking for personal projects to do myself at home, hopefully I can find some ideas here and get some critique.

Thanks to anyone who just read all that :icon_notworthy: