Hi guys!

Hi guys i'm Dan,

I'm a freelance creative designer specialising in everything from identity and corporate branding to product design and packaging.

I've been designing for over 4 years now and freelance in my spare time. I currently work full time as an in-house designer for a UK gifts and gadgets importer & distributer and work on new product concepts, packaging and advertising.

I'm currently updating my freelance site, FriesWithThat.co.uk but if you follow the facebook or twitter links on the current website you can see my new branding. Hoping to new site will be up and running soon!

As for the name Fries With That - I'm sure some of you will ask why? Well, it started as a novel way of promoting myself through facebook with people "liking" fries with that, it meant that there was a comic sentence which would appear on peoples walls and subsequently entice more people to check it out!

I hope to get to know many of you on here, i've monitored the boards for some time but for some reason have only recently decided to actually sign up!


Thanks Paul, the desk was a surprising lifesaver when the temperature dropped! Meant i could work in the warmest part of the home! The new logo will be rolled out to the new site in the next week hopefully, complete redesign.