Hi from Maidstone


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Hi boys and girls :)

I am a graphic and web designer from Maidstone, Kent.

Originally from Latvia and have got many years work experience in digital printing, web design/development, outdoor advertisement solutions and preparing designs for silk-screening.

Of course, I am going the legal way :) so, have registered a sole trader "Green Group".

The first services I offer is web design, development and white-hat seo services www.webdesignnet.co.uk

Next big step is a project is a classified ad system for local Maidstone needs - www.e-maidstone.co.uk - so, if you want to inform Maidstone people, you are more than welcome to post your services or sell your goods (free of charge, of course) there :)

hopefuly in 1 or 2 weeks I will be offering metal badges - 38mm and 59mm and some other related stuff.

It is nice to see you all,
Have a really good week,
Helmuts Meskonis

p.s. :) I am 100% CorelDraw fan