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Hi everyone,

We are fuse, a design company based in the heart of Nottingham, we work for a host of clients, both large blue chips to small business start up's, for us there is no client too small, if the brief is of interest to us and the opportunity is there to be creative then we are there!

Thought we would sign up to the forum to see what opportunities arise and its also good to network with like minded designers!

For more details on fuse we can followed on the following sites......

Fuse Print & New Media Ltd - Nottingham Design Agency
blog | fuse print & new media ltd
Flickr: Fuse Print & New Media's Photostream
fuse (fusedesign) on Twitter

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Hey Stu

Welcome to the Graphic Design Forums :icon_thumbup:

Some nice work on your website, looks like some quality printing jobs too, always nice to see.


Get a link in your signature to your website as it may bring in some work.

The following link may also be of interest to you, adding your business details which is free may prove to be beneficial, give it a try....

UK Design Business Directory - Graphic Design Forums | Website Design Forums > UK Design Business Directory (reciprocal link required)

Obviously, feel free to mention us on your blog :icon_biggrin:


Welcome aboard Stu

Hi Stu

Welcome aboard.

If you have any print related questions please feel free to get in touch.

To view the advice I have contributed then please check out my posts and profile. To find out more about Mulberry Square please visit www.mulberrysquare.tv/business/print and our testimonial at www.mulberrysquare.tv/about/clienttestimonials
We have managed printwork for many design agencies over the years, some of whom have appreciated my print knowledge and experience for 17 years (bugger me, that makes me sound old... which i'm not... yet anyway, I really do look as young as my avatar!).

ATB, Craig.