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Hi All,

I got pointed in the direction of these forums by the lovely Damon at Stationery Direct. Thought I'd pop on and say hi :)

I've been designing for a few years now but my love lies with illustration, I work for 10 Yetis - a PR Agency in Gloucester with my business partner Andy and a few others. Some of you may know us from other forums.

Anyhoo, enough from me, hope you're all well :)

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Hi Jilly,
Welcome to the GDF. Things are starting to grow now after a bit of a slow start, but with all the work Damon has put in I'm sure this forum will become a vital source of knowledge for designers and illustrators all over the globe :icon_thumbup:


Stationery Direct

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Hi Jilly

Glad you could make it :icon_smile:

I have worked with Jilly on many occasions and she and 10 Yetis are highly recommended:icon_thumbup:

Cheers Col, hopefully that will be the case.



A belated welcome, Jilly. You're a bit quiet round the forums these days - I hope it's only because you're busy?... :icon_hide: