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I set up polkadotmouse in 2009 with my partner and our aim is to offer professionally designed branding, stationery, avatars, banners, flash websites and promotional material for a fraction of the cost it would be from a large graphic studio. It's all about engaging with the client from the very beginning of their business. To be able to create branding for new (or established) businesses that people have put their heart and soul into is a great privilege.

There is a wealth of enthusiasm and passion about design at Polkadotmouse. We have over 20 years experience and are confident that the design solutions we produce will truly reflect the ideals and aspirations of each company we have the pleasure of working with.

We are located in a village in the beautiful Forest of Bowland - a wonderfully inspiring environment for designers. Our two cats Barney and Lily are always on hand to help out!

Please have a look at our website
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Nice area, I have mixed feelings over the website - I hate flash, but that's far from beiing the worst example that I have seen.
One of the downsides to flash is that Google can't see the site - it's essentially empty, if I search for 'design barley' or 'design bowland', you don't appear? Download the lynx browser (text only) and see what a search engine thinks about it.
Oh and Hi!, I know that you didn't ask for a critique of the site but I hope that it's helpful :icon_thumbup: