Hi Everyone :)


Hi All :)

I'm Kev, I'm a Web Developer, Web Designer in Hampshire.

I run MultiLayer Design - Web Design - Web Development - Farnborough - MultiLayer Design, we are web standards evangelists, (it's ok we try not to convert people heheh :icon_wink:)

I help run SkinConsortium in my spare time where we create skins for media players and I also help out on the Xion forum too under the alias SLoB, I've been about a bit on the net for many years.

Looking forward to being a part of the community here.



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Hi Kev

A warm welcome to the Graphic Design Forums | Website Design Forums

I just checked the validation on your website and it passes, well done.:icon_biggrin:

You will be surprised how many companies advertise as offering W3C compliant sites and show the links in the footer of their own website for them not to validate, this puts me straight off and really bugs me, so good for you :icon_thumbup:

Good to have you on board.


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Hi Kev, welcome to the forums! I like the little fancy bit you have on your site, the circles that move around :icon_tongue_smilie:


Thanks for the nice welcome guys :)

Thanks Boss Hog -
Yea I'm with ya on the validation, it is one of my pet peeves, so much in fact it consumes me and makes me angry that bigger teams do not seem to care about their clients businesses by producing non compliant work, oops bit of a rant there heheh

I'm contemplating doing a firefox plugin to validate domain only on serps, most likely it would show 95% of sites with a red marker heh, I'm trying to fix it one site at a time, good job I'll be long gone before that happens heheh

Hey Xenonsoft -
Thanks :) can't take credit for the js script, but the concept just fits right in with my way of doing business with multiple layers, so it had to go in heheh, the circles was already an abstractish fixed image but when I saw the parallax idea from ages ago I tracked down a jquery script for it, bit of eye candy ;)


Hi Pixels Ink :)
Thanks :) I'm innit for the long haul ;)

Hey dot design :)

Cheers :)
Looking forward to contributing my bit ;)