HI everyone! Long time no see!


Well as some of you know on here my husband died very suddenly last year so I gave everything up and couldn't really be bothered to do anything. Well after some general wallowing I have decided to give it another damn good go as things just began to pic up before he died and I really feel I owe to him and our daughter to get of my proverbial arse! Please have a look and tell me what you think. I know last time I had a Behance Prosite which people were offish about so I got rid of that and my friend very kindly made this one for me! Anyway I'll be around again joining in the fun and frolics!

Tania (Was Weird Wilf Design and Print)

Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator
Thanks Spot! It's truly been a shitty year to say the least!!! More than ever I need to get this thing off the ground! It's seems impossible sometimes!

Thanks for your feedback! x
Hi Tania

Sorry to hear about your hubby. The site looks ok but I would expect the list on the right to be clickable, so each one goes through to a dedicated page for each service, either with a gallery of work or gallery + text on how these products can help potential clients. Also the b&w image of trees and castle do nothing on the slider. IMO I'd replace it. Also add something in this big space below the list, it's crying out for something there, maybe a call to action graphic?

Good luck with everything x