hi everyone, frustrated designer joining to say hello ;-)


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Hi guys and girls,

Thought i would say hi and explain a little about myself.

I (as many on here) have been obsessed with looking at and creating art and design since i was a child. I had to take this into my adult life and make it my career or i wouldnt be happy.

I originially studied Product Design at college and University and have a degree in this area and then went on to be an interior designer for just over 4 years. Unfortunately i was made redundant in the recession as the company went under but this helped me reevaluate my life and i realised i had always been more interested in print and graphics than anything else, so i decided i needed to change.

I had to get a job (for the money) and luckily got a marketing job which included graphic design but it is too much marketing and not teaching me anything so i want to get a graphic design role.

I knew this over a year ago when i got the job so i also signed up to do a HND in Graphic design to boost my CV. I am now coming up to finish the HND and i will be looking for a Graphics role at an agency (if i am lucky).

I am passionate about this and i really am hoping i find something. I have lots to learn and i am not the complete package but i think i have a mixture of experience that will help me and hopefully will be a success somewhere.

Sorry for boring everyone to tears :icon_crying: it would be nice to hear off people who have maybe done the same or anyone who wants to comment.

Be nice to hear off anyone. :icon_biggrin: