hi everyone after abit of advice please

Hi iv been in the printing trade for 9 years and iv been with a company for 9 years.
Iv seen the company grow very fast as I was one of there first employees I am the only one in the company to no all the machines and work all the machines ie laminating, zund, vutek, inca spider, application, rap panels, and more.
I'm currently on 22k a year I no 2 of my work colleagues are on more than me but no less than me another 4 are on 1k less than me and only no one machine do you think I should be on more and what sort of wage should I be looking at
Thank you hope you having a good day
Hello and welcome to the forums.

This is something you should speak to your boss about. When was the last time you had a pay rise?

Your fellow employees that earn equal or a bit less than you, what does their job entail? Exactly the same as yours? Or is there anything else/different that they do? If you all have the same job role and you feel you do more and work harder than everyone else, coupled with the fact that you have been there the longest, you should have a word with your boss.

I don't know how old you are but the general rule regarding wages is "You should aim to earn your age." Especially in full time employment. Obviously it isn't as simple as that, as things like experience comes into play. Without knowing too much, I would think that after 9 years you would be on more than £22K. But it also depends on the company you work for and how much they can afford to pay in wages. There are a lot of things that come into play.
Hi and thanks for your reply I work just out side London I'm 29 the worker on less than me have only been in print for 3 to 4 years it is a family run business and iv been a friend of the family since school the company I work for is 2 big company's for massive clients ie Nike puma french connection addidas