hi everyone, a noob in need with contact form to my family business website


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Hi everyone,
im new to the site and to be honest quite a noob at web designing

iv knocked up a site for my families business and have stumbled at the last hurdle, which is why im after some professional guidance off you skilled designers with the contact form of the website

in design view i have the contact form all in place but i am really struggling in how to set up in code the form so once entered it will send to my email address

below is the code to my form on the site
and the website is www.schur-ltd.com

another question i have is that i uploaded the new site and in google chrome it shows the new one however in internet excplorer it still shows the old one :S

Any help what so ever would be much apreciated and i thank you in advance for your time in helping this noob

< !-- content -->
<article id="content">
<div class="wrapper">
<section class="col1">
<h2 class="under">Contact The Sales Team</h2>
<p>*Contact form currently under construction please email directly*</p>
<form id="ContactForm" method="post">
<div class="wrapper">
<span>Your Name:</span>
<input type="text" class="input" >
<div class="wrapper">
<span>Your City:</span>
<input type="text" class="input" >
<div class="wrapper">
<span>Your E-mail:</span>
<input type="text" class="input" >
<div class="textarea_box">
<span>Your Message:</span>
<textarea name="textarea" cols="1" rows="1"></textarea>
</div><a href="#" onClick="document.getElementById('ContactForm').su bmit()">Send</a><a href="#" onClick="document.getElementById('ContactForm').re set()">Clear</a>