Hi all


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Hi all,
I'm Michael, better known as ParrotBoy (have a guess why), I'm 15 years old and have a keen interest and graphic and web design. I've been fiddling with Photoshop for years, learning bits here and there, but only recently I started getting really into design. I've really come here to help further my skills and such, I probably won't be much help in the way of giving advice, but I'll be here leeching every bit of information possible.

I have a portfolio here: www.parrotdesign.co.uk

It's not really put to use at the minute, a faux site (if you will), just to test out things and put things into practice. I do study graphics at school but most of the time I'm the one helping out the class, which is why I'm excited for college where I will finally be able to put my skills to the test (hopefully). I had a short work experience placement at a local design agency (azure designs) which was great fun, although sadly the project I was given was very restrictive and didn't allow for many flamboyant effects and such.

Not to bore you all any more, that's me, and I hope to make some friends here and become a regular user!