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Thank for all the advise before. I Am trying to advertise my web site to receive more customers, does Google Adwords really work and does anyone know now they work I have had a quick look but it seems that you have to put bids in to get to the top of the list anyone know?. Thank you in advance.
Adwords works very well if you write your ads well and target your campaign correctly. You can set your bids to 'Auto' when you start and Google will bid for you. Just keep a very close eye on your cash! There are loads of resources from Google on how to do Adwords properly. I'd strongly advise reading them before starting.
Adwords works ok for me. I'm not an expert, and it can get complicated, but 'bidding' is a bit of a misnomer. Generally, you pay what you can afford per month and Google puts
your ad in as many times up to your payment limit, based on your keywords.
As the other guys here have said AdWords can indeed work as long as you have;

1) A well written ad - Try targeting your ad around a specific service or offer. For example "Custom designed websites from £300" works better than "UK Based web designer"
2) A considered budget - Remember that Google likes to make money so AdWords can get expensive. If you set a budget then expect to hit that budget every day/month.
3) Negative keywords - This acts as a filter so if you are trying to sell websites you may want to make phrases like "free website templates" a negative keyword to try and make sure your ad only appears to those who could be customers.
4) Other filters - If you are only after UK customers then use the demographic settings to make sure your ad only appears to those in the UK.
5) A good website - It would be a shame to spend money getting people to your site only for them to think "this looks rubbish" or "I can't navigate this site, all I want is a bloody phone number where is it?" Without a good website you're wasting time and money.

Good luck!
Don't waste money on trying to be the number one advert. If you're advert is good and relevant enough, then they will click through, without having to be the first advert they see.

Make sure you have a super-focused landing page when they do click through. Don't just lead them to the home page or a vague list of your services. There are loads of info on writing good landing pages to convert sales and increase email capture etc.
Yes, Google adwords are really helpful to increase website sales and traffic. You can decide your keywords and budget and thus sign up for Google Adwords. Targeted audience and location can also be targeted while using google.