Heyy! =)


Hi! I'm in year 12 atm but got into graphics last year and loved everything i found out about it despite never having done it before...yet to do any actual projects but i'm planning to spend most of my summer doing graphics projects and briefs! Also looking forward to doing AS graphics at my school next year as they haven't run it before...i do art and photography though and love doing anything creative =) Came across this forum yesterday and really loved it =D so looking forward to posting on here! Thanks for reading this haha xD
Hi love-
nice one, well done with getting into it & being so proactive.

Set yourself a project- is there a band scene in our local town, or theatre or a club night? There's so much you can do from designing posters & t-Shirts to DIY fanzines and pin badges.

Start working with printers, and writers and illustrators now. If you can provide evidence of your ability to work other media professionals then you'll be an attractive employee in years to come.

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Thanks =)
Mercy Design - Thanks for the suggestions =D i'm gonna try and set myself as many small projects as I can haha and also try and get some work experience =)