Hey there


Hi there folks

Signed up as I'm currently building up my own portfolio and figured some forums like this could come in really useful.

Bit about me:

I studied Computing for Graphics and Animation at Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen where I attained a Bachelor of Science with Second Class Honours (2:1) which I was highly delighted with.

I'm currently a Grade 3 Pre-Press Operative for Aberdeen Journals creating adverts that appear in The Press and Journal and Evening Express (you may have heard of these papers if your scottish)

Been there 5 months but on the look to move my career on a bit for the following reasons:

1. Want something that allows me to be more creative
2. Bit more variety - would like to do brochure and flyer type work and some web design as well
3. Money i'm currently on is a bit poor really.

These are basically the reasons for building my portfolio to try and help with moving on.

Software skills lie within Photoshop, Indesign, Flash and self teaching myself Illustrator. I also have quite a big interest in Photography

Anyway enough of me banging on - hope to speak to some of you in the forums.