Hey everyone! Student from Gloucester!

Hello everyone!

Just thought i would introduce myself: My name is Matt and im currently studying graphic design at Gloucestershire University.

This forum looks like a great help and I look forward to learning a lot about design and hopefully improving my work!

Thanks :icon_biggrin:

Minuteman Press

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Hi Matt,

Hope you like it here and hope all is going well with your studies! (although I dare say you won't be reading this on a friday night!).

Thanks very much, yea studies are going well just a lot of hard work atm and trying to to work on the side and finding a work placement isnt easy as im sure you know!
Nice to see someone close by, is it just me or is the forum quite quiet?

:) Matt

Minuteman Press

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It is quiet relative to others forums - but it's a case of quality not quantity. I know the forum ops delete a lot of the rubbish (spam / advertising / off topic etc). So for me the net benefit is great (better info in less time).

My cousin is at Gloucester reading English.
Yea fair enough, just hope i can learn a lot from the site :)

Is your cousin doing english literature because my girlfriend is doing that in glos?