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Hi, My name is Yasin, Im a freelance web & graphic designer. Joined the forum through stationery direct i think, can't fully remember as it was a while since i registered!

Anyways, i'm 24 yrs old and from a wee town in lancashire. I have been designing since i was 17 for local business and now a lot of the work i do is for government projects and councils, I also do a lot of work for bars and clubs around the UK. I do a little bit of corporate packs like stationery but not so often.

I also run a small events management company as the marketing guy!

The forum seems lively and i have found a lot of interesting and helpful threads so far, so keep that up guys and i will contribute as much as possible too.


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Hey Boss.

Its Yasin, not Yasmin.. lol
dont worry though, many people make that mistake.
At the moment i dont have a website. I've been meaning to create one for about 3 years now but aint had the chance to. Maybe this xmas break i will.

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Hi Yasin,
Good to have you on board :)

Look forward to your input to the forums.

Got any links to stuff you've designed?