Hey All!


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Hey everyone,

I found this forum through graphicdesignblog.co.uk, looks like a nice forum so I thought i'd join in :)

I'm Jay, and i'm in my second year studying Graphic Design at Uni.
Learning photography as I love it as a hobby, but it also compliments GD very well. My weapon of choice is the Nikon D90 with two different lenses so far (Damn, it's an expensive hobby!).

I will post some of my work up quite soon, in the right part of the forum for you all to see.

I do a little bit of freelance work where I available, trying to expand my portfolio to something more than just my Uni work. I also am on the lookout for work experience so i've been contacting countless companies and am making some good progress :) Also trying to think of a name to represent myself as a designer, but struggling on that one!

Hope to meet fellow designers, learn some new things and give some help where I can :icon_wink:


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Hi Jay

A warm welcome to the Graphic Design Forums :icon_smile:

Which Uni are you at?

Look forward to seeing some of your work.